Q: How many roof slates do I need per square metre (m2)?

A: The amount of slates you need per square metre (m2) depends on which slate size you’re using. For example, if you’re using a 20×10 slate (500mmx250mm), you will require 21 slate per m2. A 24×12 slate (600mmx300mm) demands only 13 slate per m2. These figures tend to be slightly different throughout the industry, but we, along with all of our roofing merchants, believe the following figures to be the most accurate.

  • 16×8 (400mmx200mm) = 29 slate per m2
  • 16×10 (400mmx250mm) = 27 slate per m2
  • 18×10 (450mmx250mm) = 23 slate per m2
  • 20×10 (500mmx250mm) = 21 slate per m2
  • 24×12 (600mmx300mm) = 13 slate per m2

If you know the surface area of your roof, you can use our simple Roof Slate Calculator to give you the exact amount of slates you require to complete the job.

Please Note: These figures do not allow for any wastage, therefore we recommend adding a further 5%-10% on top of your order to account for this.

Q: What is pyrite in roofing slate?

A: Quite simply, Pyrite is an iron sulphide that can be found on the surface and within roofing slates. ​It is widely misunderstood that ​the presence of pyrite mean​s the slate is of low quality. In our experience and with our knowledgeable sourcing​, a certified A1-S1-T1 roofing slate with noticeable pyrite inclusions​ may change appearance slightly as opposed to leaching ​out from within the slate. ​Stable ​Pyrite doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the slate provided you have certification to prove the rock’s overall quality and performance requirements. A more detailed article on this can be found here.

Q: Is natural slate suitable for low pitched roofs?

A: This isn’t a simple yes or no answer but, in short, yes, you can use natural slate on a low pitched roof, providing you pay close attention to the following factors. Read more


Q: How much does roofing slate cost?

A: Roof slate can vary in price due to the aforementioned factors, however, as a general rule of thumb, you can buy a quality slate for £0.97 + VAT.

Take note: When buying from Buy Roof Slate Ltd, you are paying the absolute lowest prices in the industry from a trusted, reliable seller. Our range of slates is extensive, and our knowledge is just as great. If you need any assistance, or if you have any questions regarding slate, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01296 658 396.

Q: Is Chinese roof slate good in comparison to Spanish or Welsh?

A: We’ve heard and seen the horror stories of certain Chinese slates in the past, we’ve also seen our fair share of ​poor Spanish and Welsh slates. It all boils down to who you’re buying from, and where the rock is ​sourced. Our Chinese slate is quarried in South East China, where the rock is beautiful to work with, splits easily – resulting in slates ​of uniform thickness, and presenting minimal pyrite. There are virtually no noticeable pyrite inclusions in our Canton Ultra slates. If your Chinese Slate has the certification to prove it’s an A1-S1-T1 slate (which ours do) then there is n​logical reason to dismiss the Canton Ultra slate with it’s traditional cut edges and flat even split.

Q: What’s a good alternative to Welsh Roof Slate?

A: This begs 2 questions: 1) A good alternative in terms of quality? 2) a good alternative in terms of appearance? If you’re after something that’s going to outlive the rest of your house, then we’d recommend any of our certified A1-S1-T1 slates, but in particular the GM UltraPrestige or the Prime. If you are looking for something that’s similar to the Welsh in terms of traditional  appearance, then we’d recommend the Chinese Emperor (our biggest seller to Wales) or, again, the GM Ultra for a modern almost contemporary finish.

Q: “Why should I buy from you?”

A: We’ve established ourselves as one of the most reliable and efficient slate suppliers in the industry. We are also known for the cheapest rates for roofing slates throughout the UK.

Q: How are you able to offer slates at such low rates?

​Our most popular question. We’ve been in the slate industry for 20+ years and during this time, we’ve established excellent relationships with our suppliers. We
​have low operating cost so this means we can pass on the savings to our customers. Our close partnership with the shipping & transport companies ​ensures your slate arrives on time and, again,​ at the lowest possible prices. ​With further planned expansion we are still growing fast due to our low prices, quality products and our commitment to service.
A: Both hook fixing and nail fixing are viable methods, each with pros and cons as detailed in this article. It’s worth noting that the Spanish and French prefer the hook fixing method. Is it time the UK adopts this method? Maybe, but tradition is tradition, and we can be stubborn when it comes to changing that.