About us

Buy Roof Slate Ltd Was Formed In 2004.

After many years of supplying roofing slate to the local builders and roofers, the business had grown to a level where we need to expand rapidly to meet the customer demand and with regular merchant enquiries coming in.

The decision was also made to visit the various supplying nations and source our own affordable quality slate so that we could further build the company.

This bold decision laid the foundations for the company as it is today and as a result International Slate Supplies is widely known for supplying slates at very low trade prices.

Buy Roof Slate Ltd was created to offer everyone the opportunity access to our roofing slates and products at the same low prices enjoyed by our existing trade clients nationwide.

It is as simple as that; navigate the web site today and save money the easy way when you buy roof slates.

So what do we offer:

  • A personal and efficient Service
  • Technical and practical advice
  • A samples service
  • Quality slates
  • Personally sourced from the quarries
  • The very best prices available

Call us on 0800 009 6061

Our Telephones are manned 24hrs 7 days a week.

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