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At Buy Roof Slate, we only supply quality natural roofing slate. Our slates are sourced from the very best quarries in Northern Spain and also from quality slate rock in China and Brazil.

Natural slate guarantees a long-lasting, quality roof that will be as beautiful in 30 years as it is on day one. Our carefully sourced slates carry W1-S1-T1 certification as well as quarry-backed guarantees. Our roof slate range includes numerous grades & selections, giving our customers the right options to find a roof slate that compliments their property. From 5mm standard grades which offer a traditional look to 7mm first selection slate with a smooth finish – the right roof slate is here. To start the process, simply give us a call or enquire online. A member of our experienced team will guide you along the process and answer any questions you may have.

To compliment our roofing slates, we also offer slate and halves, and ridge tiles to finish your project. Our aim is to provide our customers with a range of quality products at the cheapest prices available in the UK.

Our customers benefit from the cheapest prices, quality products, and fast nationwide delivery at the lowest carriage prices available.

If you have any questions regarding your project, please call us on 01296 658 396. We are extremely passionate about every project that is presented to us, and we are confident we can supply you with the right roof slate at an unbeatable price. 

Case Study

Buy Roof Slate to supply Spanish slate to Weston Homes for Cambridge Military Hospital renovation.

The restoration and conversion of this heritage site is to be carried out by Weston Homes PLC; an award-winning firm and industry leader in renovating and converting brownfield sites into residential developments, providing real homes for real people.

Buy Roof Slate Ltd has worked closely with Weston Homes to find the right slate for this project. Due to the rustic, yet elegant, nature of the property, a Spanish slate with A1-S1-T1 certification and no impurities which are susceptible to rusting was a must. The Proinor MX (A1-S1-T1 – 80 Year Guarantee) was proposed and approved towards the tail end of 2019. The project is expected to require in excess of 170,000 slates.

Heritage sites, such as the Cambridge Military Hospital, will undergo a restoration, not a change, so it’s important to retain the property’s character and rich history through meticulous material selection and vetting. Origin, longevity, environmental impact and aesthetics were the key points when choosing a slate, and the Proinor Spanish slate ticked all the right boxes.

Naturally, we are all very excited to see new life brought to this historic landmark. We will share updates on all progress made over the coming year.

cambridge military hospital slate roof

A Roof Slate's Journey

Buy Roof Slate was created to offer roof slate to homeowners, roofers, architects, developers, and self-builders. We are a collective of knowledgable, reliable, and friendly people whose passion is, quite simply, YOUR roof. We offer a range of slates and ancillaries to complement any roof of any size. From commercial industrial units to pizza ovens (yes, really!) we’ve supplied it all. Watch the video below to see how your slate is made.

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