Fibre Cement

Westerland fibre cement roof slate is the top of the range double lap slate, which combines the sleek, consistent appearance of the man-made product, with the surface and edge close to that of natural slate. With all the guarantees and accreditations you would expect from a leading manufacturer, Westerland offers the peace of mind and attractive appearance of a natural slate but at a lower cost.

Textured surface, dressed edge fibre cement roof slate

Westerland slate has an appearance very close to that of natural slate. Its attractive riven surface and natural dressed edges make it an ideal solution for situations where a traditional appearance is important. Like all fibre cement slates, Cembrit Westerland is lightweight, pre-holed and easy to cut with hand tools meaning nuisance dust is eliminated. Furthermore, as with other fibre cement slates, Cembrit Westerland does not need to be graded and sorted like natural slate, enhancing its cost competitiveness with natural roof slate.


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