Brazilian Roof Slate

Brazilian roof slate is uniform in thickness, consistent in colour and unrivalled in price. Brazilian roof slate quarries are renowned for their efficient quarrying process which results in a beautifully smooth surface and natural fettled edge. Our certified A1-S1-T1 Brazilian roofing slate has been carefully sourced from exclusive quarries in the northern regions of Brazil as they offer quality and performance at very economical prices. Brazilian slate presents a natural mottled effect which gives it a unique, distinct appearance. A1-S1-T1 (BS Standard) gives quality assurances of longevity and reliability.

Both the Green/Grey and Graphite are available in 500×250, 500×375, 600×300 and 600×450.

Brazilian Slate Declaration of Performance

• British Standard
• BS EN 12326-2:2012
• A1 for water absorption.
• T1 for thermal cycle resistance.
• S1 for sulphur dioxide exposure resistance.
• Acceptable non-carbonate carbon content.

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