Glendyne Slate - Canadian

Glendyne slate is approved for use in the Snowdonia National Park, home of the Welsh slate industry.

Glendyne natural slate is certified for use in Snowdonia National Park and, because of this, you will find Glendyne slates specified on projects where quality and consistency are key. Glendyne slates present a natural blue/grey hue, very similar to Welsh slates.

Glendyne slates are unaffected by oxidising metallic inclusions, clays, carbonates or weaker seams – Glendyne natural slate are the pinnacle of premium grade slates, at a significantly lower price point than Welsh slate.

To ensure quality standards are met, the Glendyne quarry meticulously sort through all production and select only the best slates from the extracted rock. Due to this fine selection process, the end product is uniform, flat and of the highest quality. Glendyne slate is guaranteed for 75 years.


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