How much does roof slate cost?

How much does roofing slate cost?

This really depends on the quality of the slate and the size of the slate. There are a number of factors which can affect price, which we have addressed below.

  1. Quality – When the rock is extracted from the mountain and taken to a splitting shed, the slates will be cut, split and divided into their final selection. Basically put, once the rock has been split into a row of 500×250 slates, the best of the slates will be taken out first. These are called a “First selection”. They are also known as “prime”, “ultra” and “primera”. This simply means they are the most consistent out of all slates produced. What’s left is usually classified as a “second selection”. These can also be known as a “standard”, “heritage” or “eco”. These slates are usually very consistent in overall quality, but may differ in thickness and have minor aesthetic imperfections. This usually leads to additional labour costs as the sorting process is longer.

Side note: Not all rocks are the same. Some quarries produce a fantastic first selection AND second selection, there may be very subtle differences in the first and second selections that differentiate them, so it’s always worth asking about the standard grade slates. This could save you potentially thousands on your roof. At the same time, some rocks produce a terrible first selection and second selection slate, so it’s always best to get a sample prior to ordering, or having a lengthy conversation with your supplier (hopefully us!).

2. Size – This doesn’t require a lengthy explanation. The bigger a slate, the more rock that’s used, the more expensive the end product. Pretty simple.

Other notes worth taking into account when calculating how much roof slate costs, and why it costs that much:

  1. Pyrite content – We’ve discussed pyrite in another article on the website. Pyrite is a form of iron which can be found in roofing slate. We recommend reading the aforementioned article. It will help you understand pyrite and dispel any myths you may have heard. In summary: unstable pyrite will rust and discolour your roof. Stable pyrite will remain unchanged for years and years to come. The key thing to keep an eye out for is the “A1-S1-T1” certification. A1-S1-T2 slates are cheaper, and that’s because the pyrite is unstable.
  2. Twisted slates – You may have seen them before, they’re awful to look at. A twisted slate is usually down to negligent surveyors checking the rock prior to extraction. A good slate should be flat with minimal curvature. If a slate is too twisted, it won’t lay and will have a knock on effect to the rest of the roof, as the slates laying above it will kick up – nasty business. Twisted slates are usually cheaper.


How much does roof slate cost?

Roof slate can vary in price due to the aforementioned factors, however, as a general rule of thumb, you can buy a quality slate for £0.97 + VAT.

Take note: When buying from Buy Roof Slate Ltd, you are paying the absolute lowest prices in the industry from a trusted, reliable seller. Our range of slates is extensive, and our knowledge is just as great. If you need any assistance, or if you have any questions regarding slate, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01296 658 396.

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